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Having the Love to Teach at
Ponce de Leon Middle School

Ms. Wilchcombe




One of the best teachers at Ponce de Leon Middle School, with the
most caring heart and a love for teaching, will always be Ms.
Michelle Wilchombe. A couple of days ago I sat down with Ms.
Wilchcombe to ask questions about her experience at Ponce. I
started off asking about her educational background. “I have a
bachelor’s degree in criminal justice” she answered. I asked why she
became a teacher at Ponce De Leon Middle school. “When I was
looking for a position, I found a position as soon as I got here and
never wanted to leave.’’ Ms.Wilchcombe has been working at Ponce
for 28 years. Why did she stay this long at Ponce for? “Ponce is a
good school and has good mixtures of cultures and lots of good
teachers i've learned from.” I was intrigued. I continued to ask about
her thoughts on her new students, “What do you think about your
new 6 graders? She answered, “I love children, I love them." From
my experience she has been one of the most caring people I have
ever met. Ms. Wilchombe says that her biggest connection with her
students is the love for learning. Passion being the strongest goal,
“When do you feel like your class has the most knowledge?” Ms.
Wilchombe states “class discussions; they activate their prior
knowledge, their knowledge increases.” Ms. Wilchcombe is a history
teacher and loves to work with her students and share connections.
She has also shared her thoughts on several new things this year,
“The lunch is very short, I love the new schedule because I have a
planning period every day.” Ms. Wilchcombe will always be caring to her students and make
sure they are feeling safe and comfortable.


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