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How Late is your Bus?
Late Busses and the Issues that come with It


Everyone knows that when the bell rings, students are
supposed to be going to homeroom. But several
students at Ponce De Leon middle show up late to
homeroom – or do not show up at all – because of the
late buses. This has become a big problem for students
at Ponce for weeks and the students want this to end.


Annalie Gonzalez-Mende – A 7th grader at Ponce says

"My bus usually picks me up at 9:07 am to 9:10 am and
I am usually late to class which always ends up in me
getting tardy, which is very bothersome because I must
walk back to the one hundred building, which happens
to be a long walk, just to get a tardy slip."

Classes start at 9:25 am for Ponce Middle and Annalie
says that she sometimes misses half of her first period
because her bus is super late.

"Sometimes my bus doesnt even come, and I have to
walk back home and call my mom for her to get me a
ride to school." Another 7th-grade student says.

This is the same story for many other students waiting
for their buses to come. These students wait around in
the Miami heat for 30 minutes to an hour not knowing
what time their bus will show up to take them to school.


Not only does the Bus come late, but during the early morning rush hour, Miami traffic is what
makes the students late.

"My bus came at 8:40 am today but because of traffic we got to school at 9:07 am and I was late to
homeroom again," a 6th grader said.

The students that are on late buses miss important announcements on things that are going on in
school. They also miss handouts for important events and other things.

"I missed a paper about the computers that were supposed to be handed out and didnt even know
about it until I asked about computers, it is frustrating not knowing whats happening.” A seventh
grader said.

The students also miss hanging out with their friends in the morning, which is an important part of
student social life.

"I am always missing out on the morning free time and snack sales, also I feel like having friends in
school is very important for my wellbeing and happiness throughout my day," Annalie says.


Having a late bus takes its toll on students – academically and emotionally, this is a big issue for
everyone and should be resolved soon.


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