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How the New Lunch Schedule is Affecting All

By Sophia Buzzi, 7th Grade

September 1, 2022


Every change that occurs has an effect. Does the reduced time for lunch come with harsh consequences for the students? Since the last school year, the lunch time has been reduced.


Student Annalie Gonzalez Mendez says that lunch is a much-needed time to socialize and eat. “With lunch being shortened we have to make a decision on what we would like to do with our free time. We shouldn't have to have to make that choice”. The majority of 7th grade loathes the new lunch schedule and wishes for more time.


The head of the lunch staff, Ms. Alvin argues that there are both disadvantages and benefits to the new lunch program. Ms. Alvin notes that there has not been a change with the

amount of food being thrown away since the time for lunch has been cut off. She claims that she is partly fond of the lunch schedule because students have the opportunity to eat earlier, which helps them gain energy for the school day. However, the lunch committee was not informed about the changes on lunch. As a result, for the first week of school; the lunch workers had no breaks and had to dedicate their entire day to working. This caused stress levels to be extremely high in the cafeteria.


The jury is still out if reducing the lunch time was a beneficial decision for the student body. What do you think?


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