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Not a New Student but a New Teacher
Introducing Mr. Reyes



     For most kids the first day in a new school is nerve wrecking and exciting but what is it
like for a teacher in that same situation? Mr. Alain Reyes is a new teacher this year at Ponce De
Leon middle school. He teaches civics, law studies, and our new elective facing history. What is
it like for him in a new school? Does he like it? Why did he leave his old school? These are
questions students, faculty, and staff have wondered.

     “I love being a new teacher at Ponce” Mr. Reyes stated. He expressed how happy he is
that his students are so eager to learn and that he has a new change of scenery from his old
school. “They are very good at behaving.” Though this is his first year at Ponce, he has taught

for seven years. Before he started teaching, he worked at a law firm and worked with athletes
at Florida International University. His last job was at a different school, but he transferred to
Ponce because he lived in the community and wanted to give back by teaching the kids here. By
giving back to the community he also wants to help improve the school. He wants to improve
on things such as students arriving on time, giving students more time during the transition of
classes, and possibly having a longer lunch time. “Overall, I would like to just improve the
school,” said Mr. Reyes.

     Being new to a school for most children is not knowing anyone and being nervous on
how you will be treated, therefore, how is it like for a teacher? Mr. Reyes told us how the staff
at Ponce has been welcoming and have even guided him through all the steps and procedures
of the new school. The Ponce family has welcomed him with open arms. We now know why he
teaches at Ponce but why does he teach civics? Well, Mr. Reyes has a master’s in history, and
he is a world historian. When he was applying to Ponce, they had a need for a civics teacher,
consequently, they went ahead and gave him that specific position. But if he did have a choice,
he said he would love to teach world history or any elective relating to the subject.

     Mr. Reyes has become many students’ favorite teacher and we are so glad to have him
in the Ponce Family. We also can’t wait to see him help improve the school and not just teach
but impact the lives of students in the best way possible.


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